Fr. Carlos Martins, CC

About Me
My name is Fr. Carlos Martins, CC.
Ordination Anniversary

May 30, 2009

What My Adoption Means

The effectiveness of my ministry is directly impacted by the ongoing formation and leadership development I receive from my community. Adopting me or any other Companions’ priest ensures that we can be priests who are thriving and not simply surviving.

My Story

What was your background before you joined the CC? 

I was born in Kitchener, Ontario. A convert from atheism, I completed studies in philosophy at the University of Waterloo where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree.  A Master of Arts degree in philosophy followed from the University of Toronto, and then a Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa. Upon completion of my studies a career in teaching was begun. 

What led you to join this community?

Three years into teaching, while on retreat, I heard a call to the priesthood and joined the Companions of the Cross.

What kind of ministry are you doing now?

I am currently conducting ministry with sacred relics of the saints, with Treasures of the Church ministry.