Fr. Terry Donahue, CC

About Me
My name is Fr. Terry Donahue, CC.
Ordination Anniversary

June 10, 2000

What My Adoption Means

The effectiveness of my ministry is directly impacted by the ongoing formation and leadership development I receive from my community. Adopting me or any other Companions’ priest ensures that we can be priests who are thriving and not simply surviving.

My Story

What was your background before you joined the CC?
After graduating from MIT with a degree in Computer Science, I worked for five years as a computer programmer in northern California. As a result of my involvement with Marian prayer groups and the Charismatic renewal, I also spend a year in full-time youth evangelization leading a small lay community that offered retreats for young people.

What led you to join this community?
After running away from the idea of the priesthood for a couple of years I prayed my first honest prayer about my vocation: “Lord, if you want me to be a priest, give me the desire to be a priest.” When I visited the Companions of the Cross I was struck by men of strong Christian character who lived together, prayed together and evangelized together. After seeing the priesthood lived out in community, I was excited about the idea of the priesthood and realized that the Lord had answered my prayer. The spirituality of the Companions resonated with my own: centered on Christ crucified, Jesus in the Eucharist, devotion to Mary openness to the Holy Spirit and faithfulness to the Magisterium.

What kind of ministry are you doing now?
I was ordained to the priesthood June 10, 2000. I am currently serving with the formation team for the Companions of the Cross.